Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Race to the Bottom, and Other News of the Day

Well, I was plain wrong about McCain in Michigan. I figured the low density of Romney was perfectly obvious, but Michiganers apparently see something where others see nothing. Perhaps it was his bluster about getting everyone to roll up their sleeves and revive the dying American mega-monster industry. Sorry, buds, but that ship has sailed. The opportunity to lead the world was lost. Auto execs are like crack addicts ... they know crack is bad for them, bad for everybody, and that they would do so much better on chicken soup ... but, ooooo, crack is so much better. Let's make as many Hummers as we can and watch the planet shrivel up and drown.

It is hard to remember a bigger phony than Romney considered as a serious presidential candidate. You can't compare him with dubya ... dubya played dumb and he was dumb. You really can't blame him for the fact that a near-majority of voters considered dumb as a qualification for office.

So the race appears to be open. I think Romney would be easy to beat, but I do not exactly grok the mentality of the uncommitted in the crowded spaces between here and there. Gawd noze what Missouri will think. And on that turns the fate of a planet.

BTW, I think that Giuliani has been toast for a month now. Nobody wants to say so out loud, just in case. But the man is obviously corrupt, and his "strategy" was a dishonest charade that allowed him to hide in the vain hope that somehow Florida would come through for him.

I watched the entire KTVU new broadcast tonight ... even missed the season opener for Remo 911 ... because I happened to catch the teaser that Dennis Richmond has a big announcement. It seems like he might retire, and that would be, locally speaking, earth-shaking. He has always had a little edge, like he might one day just be so pissed off that he up and tosses his papers at the camera. But he never did. Rather, a real class act. I rarely watch the local news, but I will be sorry to see him go. 30 years as an anchor 40 years on the air. KTVU may be local par excellence, but it is the best local in this locality, and Dennis Richmond will be tough to replace. And you have to hand it to KTVU, they stick with what works. The notion that any change is good is just churn. No churn at KTVU. Kudos for that.

Spent the day at work mastering Spry Accordion Panels in Dreamweaver. Notwithstanding that I loathe the fate of having to work, I love my job. At least I get to learn and grow and create. I have it good, notwithstanding the annoying occasional feeling sorry for myself.

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