Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Deal

Great week at work.

I thought I would spend the week catching up with the little jobs that get lost in the shuffle. On Monday, one of my colleagues asks me to update a brochure we distribute to graduating seniors. I can't stand the layout, and so I figure, with a new big boss and all, I can just redo it. And then I looked at the web site, and I thought that this doesn't cut it either. So I used a technology called Spry in Dreamweaver to create a much more exciting site. (Whoops, if you click on that link you will be able to figure out where I work ... whoops.)

And then we got talking about collaboration. So I created a Facebook page in order to add myself to a University Administrator group that one of my colleagues created.

And then ... damn the torpedoes ... I created a University Registrar wiki. I haven't set the thing up as I write this, so you might want to check again in a few days. But this is exactly the kind of boundary breaking collaboration that we have been talking about at work. I may have created the wiki, but its future will be in the hands of anyone out there in the Registraring world who chooses to be involved. Wow.

So this was an exciting week at work. Shows how the new boss ... a revolutionary, as I have blogged earlier ... has opened up my job as well as the jobs of most of the people I work with. Registraring can be exciting. Whodathunkit.

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