Saturday, January 19, 2008


Again, Frank Rich nails it.

MSNBC is so bloody weak. If Chris Matthews would just embrace his innard liberal, he might have something to say. Instead he tailends whatever stinks at the moment, and dumps on any Democrat who shows signs of life. He even brings Keith Olbermann down to his level.

"Mac is back." Makes me sick. McCain eeks out a narrow victory, less than a third of the votes of one of the most right-wing electorates in America, over a nobody who represents a point of view that would have been reactionary in the 13th century. Big whoop. Meanwhile, Giuliani, the self-proclaimed hero of 911, managed to get 2% of the vote. 2%.

I am listening to McCain's speech. First of all, as a long-time resident Canadian in the belly of the beast, this guy would not win a seat in the Parliament of any country where we speak English. That evident fact will not prevent the "pundits" from proclaiming the speech "presidential" whatever that means in this era of the debased presidency.

But more to the point, McCain appears to have dodged his immigration problems ... to wit that he does not want to string 'em up which is probably the majority opinion among people who still think dubya is a good president. He evidently gained from the joke candidacy of Fred Thompson who suckered enough sub-90 IQ types into thinking that TV and the world are the same place such that he took some steam out of the Huckabee popcorn maker. We can thank the deluded for saving us from nine and a half months of worrying about how horrifying it would be if Huckabee actually managed to beat the Democrats. Now we only have to worry about McCain peddling the old "maverick" myth to enough independents so that he can spend four more years ignoring reality.

McCain does a touching nod to Mother. Touching. We all love our mothers. I'm sure she is a lovely woman. Now, what about the future of the planet? He waxes expansive about being "proud to be an American" and referencing his being a "foot soldier in the Reagan revolution." Yup ... nothing like 'publicans ... there is no stupidity too overblown for their denuded sense of what is at stake in this electoral process.

"... build an even greater country than the one they inherited." Sorry, John, that ship has sailed, and it is your party that has guaranteed that the next generation will be poorer, more desperate, less secure, and living in a world that is more depleted and in danger than ever before in history. Quite a legacy.

" ... the opportunity to serve this country that I love a little longer." The ultimate 'publican electoral appeal. It's my turn, now ... damn the facts.

The speech is finally over ... Olbermann thinks its a goodie ... I think it is froth with a covering of slime. Then Matthews starts sucking up ... he thinks that McCain should call Nancy Reagan, thinks he is a Reagan-like guy. Matthews, stop the blather and start thinking. Matthews signs off by promising us that "we will soon be hearing a lot more from Joe Scarborough." I think I'll go hide under a rock.

McCain is a foul reactionary who would freeze America in its present impending failure. He would be more loathed than dubya a year into his presidency. A disaster. A man whose only idea is that he deserves the presidency. A man without a clue of what faces humanity and how America might actually make a difference. Make no mistake ... McCain is an old fashioned reactionary. Nothing "maverick" about that.

That said, I still think we'll beat his ass in November.

ps ... Gloria Bolger, "senior" political analyst on CNN is the weakest chatter on TV. She exudes the desperation of those elevated far above their intellects. What a fraud.

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