Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ritual Roasters

Just spent an hour and a half proofreading in Ritual Roasters, or is it Ritual Grounds, or are they one and the same. I have always called this place Ma, because their logo looks like the mirror image of the Arabic letters mîm-aleph, which would be pronounced Ma. Funny how when you get something like that in your head you can't get the right name in without a lot of effort. I'll take a pic of the place on the way out and mount it tonight.

Working in a cafe is the way I was meant to live ... not sure how they make any money in a place like this with all the underconsuming, eyes-to-the-screen, Web 2.0 geeks plugging up the place, but there is a steady line of customers.

Gotta go ... I am able to work-from-cafe today because my roommate has a day off ... we normally commute together to MRU. I think I'll have a bite to eat on the way to work, though. At this time of year ... I produce the course catalog for MRU ... I work at home every night and all weekend, so I do not feel guilty having a slightly easy morning.

But, oh, to be young, geeky, and working from a cafe every day. That would be the life.

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