Tuesday, June 05, 2007

dot ... dot ... jot

We're goin to Hell I ... I'm watchin the Giants/Diamondbacks game (Johnson against Cain, 2-2 in the 5th), and Kruk and Kuip (that Kroook and Kipe) focus in on this big dude in a blue shirt who is eating a caramel apple covered in M&Ms. It's a little hard to see in the pic, but that is exactly what it is. Kuip notes that the guy is chewing so hard you'd think he was going to the electric chair. An M&M covered caramel apple. Have we no shame?

We're goin to Hell II ... we ordered a box of ordinary bandaid strips at work. They arrived via special delivery in enough packaging to bury a small village. This happens all the time. Why couldn't they just slap a label on the bandaid box and pop it in the mail? The packaging is worth more than the product. Are we all asleep at the switch? Is no one paying attention? Why do we continue to operate this way as if nothing has changed? I watched a fellow worker today clean his teeth in the restroom ... and he let the water run continuously. We're in an incipient drought here. (I'll address the idiocy of bottled water on another occasion.)

We're goin to Hell III ... MoveOn.org blew it big time with their foolish, tail-ending campaign to reduce gasoline prices with a lot of verbiage about big oil mega profits. Gasoline prices must go UP ... they need to double, triple. The correct progressive demand is that oil companies spend 80% of their profits on R&D for carbon-neutral energy ... and if they don't want to do that, their profits should be taxed at a rate of 80% and the government should spend that money on carbon neutral energy. But, just like the Congressional Dems, MoveOn fell for the rank populist notion that cheap gas is part of the patrimony, some sort of working class right. No, it is not. Cheap gas is the problem.

Top photo by Arod, from my TV. Middle photo by Arod. Bottom photo: MoveOn.Org

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