Sunday, May 20, 2007

Walking with Loki

Loki, my big ole mutt, and I did our Sunday morning walk on the Embarcadero this week. We walked from the Giants' ballpark along the Embarcadero to Broadway, then wended our way back through downtown, ending up in Yerba Buena Gardens, the urbane park behind the Metreon, and then back to 3rd and King.

Nice day, clear skies, blustery wind, cool temps. Not so many people on the Embarcadero because of Bay to Breakers, the annual foot race.

I've walked this route many times, and so I only shot a few photos, mostly focusing on reflections, a subject I find endlessly fascinating. Loki is very patient as I stop to shoot, but sooner or later he ends up pulling on the leash. That little tug means I have wasted enough time.

Click here for a little slide show of some of today's shots.

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