Monday, May 28, 2007

Walkin with Loki

Another weird walk on Sunday. Somehow, I forgot about Carnaval and a street that is normally pretty empty on Sunday morning was teeming with people. We cut across Valencia as we often do anyway on this route, and then there was this photo op in a parking lot. So I leapt over the chain, and dog followed, and just as I pulled out my little Canon Elph, Loki jumped at some pigeons ... the camera flew out in an arc 10 feet high, and landed kerplunk ... damage minimal, but the aperture no longer functions. That little camera is two years old, and it changed my life, and it was just by luck the last purchase for which I bought a full warranty. So I can get it fixed for free, but I need a camera. I ended up buying the current model (a Canon Powershot SD 750), and I promised Mother that she can have the old one once it gets back from the hospital.

Sheesh, that's two walks in a row with unfortunate moments. I get a new camera out of the deal (well, I get to pay for it too).

Today (Memorial Day), we went to Land's End. I tried out the new camera, shooting shots I've shot many times before. After many tries, I finally had the opportunity to photograph the remains of the Sutro Baths with no other human beings around because we were so early. A madness of pelicans flying overhead .. we stopped in awe ... perhaps Loki had designs on them I would rather not quantify, but I was mightily impressed.

On the way back, we detoured and found ourselves in the middle of the golf course ... legal path, but that did not prevent the Japanese speaking golfers from giving us the withering look. I wouldn't mind golfers so much if their sport was not so environmentally destructive ... why not get back to the Scottish way and let the fairways go fallow.

Anyway, a nice walk, very relaxing.

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