Friday, May 25, 2007

Rufus baby

Frankly, I read the Salon piece on Rufus Wainwright only because his pic on the home page was so alluring. But his remark caught me:

I'm definitely a fan of juxtaposition ... using the most beautiful line to say the most horrific thing -- I think one of the main things in songwriting is definitely friction between the words and the melody. It's got to be done very delicately because both elements are somewhat explosive, and all of a sudden the song becomes like a crystal meth lab. You know, you don't want to blow up your family.

I'm only dropping this here as a placeholder because juxtaposition was a major idea in my dissertation. I used the phrase "juxtaposition and reversal." I am frankly not really up to writing about it right now as I lounge through a good start by the Giants young tuffie Matt Cain ... and that is a classic tuf baseball name ... but I will come back to juxtaposition some time soon. Meanwhile I get to mount that sexy photo.

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