Thursday, January 08, 2009


Who cares who wins the Bowl Championship Series especially when it is between Florida and Oklahoma? But I picked OK, and I think I am going to lose.

When I don't care, I tend to pick the cuter QB ... and for me that is Sam Bradford. Face like a horse, but what legs! Tim Tebow, of Florida fame, is your classic brick shithouse, and more annoyingly, he is some kind of big-time christian. Hanging out in leper colonies, fer chrissake ... and they got to rambling on about what a good guy he is. The cynic looks for a bridge under which to hide.

Sometimes I pick teams based on who their state voted for in the last Presidential election. That ought to mean Florida. But something sticks in the craw. Florida has it too good ... beaches, sun, rum, Cubans ... something has to stink, and at least that could be sports. But, nooooo!

Sports is like religion ... it makes no sense, and it has no meaning other than what you assign to it. This was a crappy game ... made the worse by way of the annoying announcing of whosits ... can't think of his name. But I end up caring. Kind of like a wandering Jew looking for a synagogue and finding ten morons. Oh well, he gasps, at least it's a minyan.

Does that make sense?

No. Nor does sports. But at least I am a sports fan and not some kind of religious maniac.

BTW, Florida won ... and they deserved to win because they rose at all the key moments. But I'm bummed, and I still think Bradford is hot. Time to feed my fish. Will I remember this in the morning? I hope not.

(Rech! Tebow has "John 3:16" written on the black under his eyes as he thanks Jesus Christ in the post game interview. As if Jesus would care when he has the apparently now even bigger black hole at the center of the Milky Way to think about. I need another martini.)

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