Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Anne of Green Gables

I just cannot get a "write" on. Back to work this week after three weeks off, and the mind reels from idea to idea.

Just watched 15 minutes of an episode of Anne of Green Gables and even sort of enjoyed it. Right now, the boob tube has some local show of a fat, happy guy from Monterey who is in France with some truffle hunters. What is wrong with me?

Reading Peter Brown's The Rise of Western Christendom ... a most rounded explanation of the period from 200 - 1000.

I tried to write something about New Year's Day and resolutions ... but it was tawdry and pointless. I promise to be a nicer person, to accept demographic change with more grace (i.e.m reduce my grousing about yuppie scum in the neighborhood by 50%), and to try to take a night off from drinking alcohol once a week. Or maybe not.

I am looking forward to Obama's inauguration. I still cannot let go of the Rick Warren betrayal. But I like the Panetta and Gupta appointments. I don't believe Richardson, even though I don't really think he is corrupt.

I think Thomas Friedman forgets roughly 1200 years of Arab history when he writes "The struggle for hegemony over the modern Arab world is as old as Nasser’s Egypt. But what is new today is that non-Arab Iran is now making a bid for primacy — challenging Egypt and Saudi Arabia." Otherwise, I pretty much agree with today's column.

The Warriors are losing to the Lakers. Yawn. I hope the Giants do not sign Manny.

This is what ennui feels like ... and I have no reason whatsoever in gawd's green earth to feel ennui. Except that Christmas is over and reality is back. I promise to get over myself shortly. Really.

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Anonymous said...

i thought the warren thing was the worst kind of pandering, but i keep fooling myself into thinking it's because he's going to legalize gay marriage federally so he's just giving repubs something to go home with, a kewpie doll for now.