Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Swallow the Rabbit Whole III

... or through the kooking glass ...

Where does one start with the madness? I follow the election sites obsessively ... especially TalkingPointsMemo and DailyKos. I keep my politely bemused colleagues up-to-the-minute on state-by-state polls. I am cautiously ... aren't we all cautiously ... optimistic that we are going to pull this damned rabbit out of the hat whole.

But why is it even a debate? Bill Maher on the Daily Show points out that we are two countries ... old news ... one a rationalist European country that wants to live like Europeans and that is held back by this bizarre other country where people actually believe that Noah, two-by-two, loaded a pair of each species onto a wooden boat. So there is no end to that horror from which we cannot turn our eyes away that is Sarah Palin. TalkingPointsMemo reports that their YouTube vids of this dimwit are the most visited in their history ... if you haven't watched her, you must, you just must.

But I am not saying anything you don't know. It's hard to think of something to say that you don't know already. John McCain is a rageoholic asshole whose reputation for "straight_talk" is a cow pie in the sky. Everybody knows that ... even the wingnuts who pretend otherwise. And this is the fact of the 'publican House rejection of the bailout ... the conservative 'publicans had a chance to stick it to McCain and they did. They tried to blame Pelosi, but that was a joke. Did you catch barnie Frank ridiculing them? Sweet ... but this was a stick-it-to-the-asshole, and I think it was pretty naked.

So I'll say this about the big debate tomorrow ... can somebody get to Joe Biden and tell him this ... just answer the questions slowly, calmly, intelligently. And when she speaks, listen attentively. When she is done, pause, count to five or ten. Let it sink in. Then answer like an adult. I think that we have to have confidence that she truly is a total moron with less depth than ... is it possible ... dubya his-self.

In my "native" Canada at the very same moment as the Palin woman will be diddling with the English language, they will stage a five-party debate leading to the October 14 election. Wish I could catch it, and I suppose I will catch up with it on the web at some point. But given a choice between a pile of unseasoned arugula and dead cattle that has fallen off the grill ... most of go for the road kill. I figure I'm pretty sophisticated ... I am a San Francisco liberal, after all ... but I gotta watch the road kill, the train wreck, the increasingly faint possibility that the most powerful empire in the history of humankind might be ruled by some lipstick, an overamped Idaho accent, and a brain that is no match for my dog.

Dinner's on. Tonight's cocktails were a Vince Guaraldi (gold Barbados Rum, lemon juice, Pernod, Grenadine, and a lemon twist) followed by a Rum Sidecar (rum, lime, CuraƧao rather than Cointreau). Pleasantly soused, ready to eat and then sleep and then back to the grind. All photos by Arod from some ramble South of Market.

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