Thursday, October 16, 2008

Canadian Tire

I am on vacation again in Winchester, Ontario, with my aged parents, and all my siblings including my sister who lives in Australia. So, I set myself a little task ... I had 20 minutes in Canadian Tire while mother and sister returned a coffee pot and procured a replacement. Brother-in-law and I were free to wander the great mystery that is Canadian Tire ... a Canadian institution and a bit of a myth in our minds since we go to one so infrequently, him less frequently than I. Canadian Tire has a certain odor to it ... heavy with tire smell ... that is unique to the chain. It also has its own currency which you receive as a sort of dividend for purchases. My brother once held significant reserves in Canadian Tire currency.

Not sure that my little photo essay was very successful, but here it is anyway.

Photo by Arod in Canadian Tire, Morrisburg, Ontario.

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