Thursday, March 13, 2008

David, We Hardly Knew Ya

Former gay stripper, David Hernandez, lost out last night, and I am sore sad. It's not so much that he was voted off ... that is not how it works. It's that no one voted for him. Middle aged gay guys who think guy strippers are cool ... we are not a large voting block on American Idol. I confess ... I have never voted, and I am not quite sure how to vote ... but now that I have an iPhone ... yes an iPhone, but I will deal with that later ... perhaps I could learn, and thereby sink one full level lower and closer to the hell that I decry and disdain. (BTW, I did call it (see the bottom of the post), notwithstanding that I thought it was two down, not one.)

But back to poor David. The guy is actually talented, but that kind of talent minus the kooky luck that accompanies all pop idols, might lead to a career as a male lead in drag shows. Maybe he can parlay it into something on Broadway, or in musical theater in Phoenix ... but the total package for big time pop star cannot include stripping, especially male stripping. That is not precisely anti-gay ... rather it is anti-sex, or, as we said in the "movement", it is sex-negative. More on that in my next post.

So, sweet David, I lift my Daiquiri made with kefir limes and light Matusalem rum ("original Cuban formula" made in the DR) to your efforts. You can strip for me any time.

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Anonymous said...

You go on about how you do not believe it to be anti-ga that a gay male stripper (with talent) is voted off... But you yourself enforce negative stereotypes by suggesting he go into muscial theatre. Infact sex is commonplace in pop-music... The issue is that because america is a prodominently homophobic country its more difficult; I would suggest he came to England we are much nicer about it than the americans... Apologies if that sounded anti-american I do not mean to offend or suggest yiou are homophobic but it is more significnat in american culture general than elsewhere int eh western world.