Tuesday, March 18, 2008

American Idol 11

Amanda Overmyer ... Back in the USSR ... a little weak but still love her. She richly retorts to Simon that she has a minute and a half to convince people that they love that chick and want to pay to see her. Nice.

Kristy Lee Cook ... You've Got to Hide Your Love Away ... talk about slaughtering a song. It's embarassing. The Beatles should sue.

David Archuletta ... The Long and Winding Road ... The first one who did a Beatles song like the Beatles ... the voice had it, the purity of the voice. He's too young for the song, but he just nailed it. Made me believe.

Michael Johns ... A Day in the Life ... the arrangement is a little scattered, and he missed a key note; tough song. Still pretty convincing. Not an idol though, but a good middle brow singer. A little mature frankly.

Brooke White ... Here Comes the Sun ... nice, started out stronger than it ended. She's so likable, but I still just don't think that the funk rises to the level of the voice which is cool.

David Cook ... Day Tripper ... right song, made it his own, said something with it different than what Id ever hear in that song before. Wow!

Carly Smithson ... Blackbird ... took a while to take off, but then she soared. It seemed like two versions at once. But this is a tough song that needs voice and maturity, and she showed both. Convincing. Hit every note.

Jason Castro ... Michelle ... those tight Levis' ... ouch ... I think he just nailed that. Very romantic, rolling with it. I think he understood it and conveyed it. But the Levi's. The Levi's.

Syesha Mercado ... Yesterday ... feeble, nervous, afraid to grab it. Too much ornamentation in place of explaining the song to us. I think she hasn't got a clue. Really weak.

Chikezie ... I've Just Seen a Face ... after last week's breakout, he returns to the lounge singer thing. Boring. Then the seond half after the harmonica is live and different. This guy has a little bluegrass in him. Hmmm. Half a good performance.

Ramiele Malubay ... I Should Have Known Better ... tempo, girl, tempo. Seems stuck in a time warp. Nothing there, no depth. Just enough rhythm. Forgettable.

Thank goodness this is the end of the Beatles jag. I never realized just how difficult those songs are because there were so few good performances from a group of very talented competitors.

I think that Kristy Lee Cook is out. Michael Johns is vulnerable because he probably doesnt have a big natural voting bloc. But Kristy should have gone last week, and this will be the last pain we will have to experience from her.

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