Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Larry and Drew, a Witches' Brew

So another Republican is caught in flagrante, this one with his pants up. Remember foolish, horny Mark Foley who wrote suggestive emails and had private sex with a consenting adult male. And then there is the McCain Florida campaign manager, one Bob Allen, who attempted to pay twenty bucks to a reportedly rather large black guy who turned out to be a cop for the opportunity to proffer attentions (click on the link and find the Jon Stewart video ... priceless) ... he claimed he made the offer in abject fear of all the black guys milling around. And who can ever forget the inimitable Ted Haggard (late a "reverend") who admitted to paying a muscular 40-something dude for speed and a massage. Even richer was the hastened verdict by a cabal of church elders who examined him (sounds salacious in and of itself) and averred that, verily verily, he is not gay. He went into psychology ... seriously, from the pulpit to the couch.

The sex is a "so what" for me; it's the hypocrisy that merits the snarls and curled lips and snickers.

So Senator Larry Craig wiggling his foot under a lavatory stall wall is not the worst of the lot, but really hilarious. He claims that he has an unusually wide stance when going to the bathroom ... presumably pissing ... and that he pled guilty just to get it over with. Idiot. Yeah, hypocrite, but idiot.

So CNN drags the creepy Drew Pinsky onto the set ... I suppose all original ideas in psychology are exhausted, so you are stuck with a man who was a washed-up warhorse the first day he emerged from his cellar. Do you get the idea I can't stand the guy. He is a professional addiction whore ... everything is addiction. What really creeped me out about his TV show Loveline with Adam Carolla was that the only sex of which he seemed to approve was marital coitus. Everything else is addiction. Well, I'm a 70s sexual libertine ... to misappropriate a certain holy book ... enjoy the pleasures that gawd has given you, while you have the time and inclination.

So there is the bubbly Soledad O'Brien dishing out fat questions like a soda jerk with an ice cream scoop, and the professionally dour Dr. Drew is floggin what appears to be his latest piffle ... "acquired narcissism" ... famous people get "acquired narcissism" because, well, they're famous. Some people start out with "severe narcissistic tendencies" and then get "acquired narcissism" as well. I'm not making this lunacy up. Didn't they ever see the great Saturday Night Live skit about OPD ... obnoxious personality disorder? Psychology being, by and large, a bunch of bilious babble, it seems to need to invent stuff to keep it in the news. Dr. Drew has made a career out of that .. and his vaguely good looks which are more like the sickly makeup of a cadaver ... but perhaps I am being cruel. Maybe I am addicted to making fun of creepy psychobabblers. Maybe I should pay him a pot of money to make me better. Not likely.

Then he implies that the skanky Senator Craig is not actually gay (making out like he's defending us, as he is wont to do) but is, and I quote, an example of "men who have sex with men which is a clinical category". What? Say what? The guy is queer. Frustrated, a liar, but queer. He just made a choice to pretend to be a straight fascist ... well the fascist part is real, but the straight part is a charade.

But old Dr. Drew, protecting gay guys from the accusation that we like sex and have a lot of it, decides that this guy is sick and we are a bunch of prudes just like him.

Gay liberation asserted that gay sex is good ... and by extension that consenting sexual relationships are healthy and pleasurable and creative. And that loosing sexuality from the straightjackets of religion and conformity and fear and embarrassment would make people free. Do what you want to do with those who want to do it with you.

A pox on psycho-babble. Call the senator what he is ... a desperate old man who gave up a life of pleasure and satisfaction for power. That's his psychosis, one that torments the planet. But it is his self-denial of pleasure that makes him a monster, and by extension, that causes him to torment those who seek nothing more than the pleasures of which they are capable.

Image from Wikipedia Commons: Narcissus in the Louvre. Click on the image for the Wikipedia page.

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