Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disco Nite on AI

Listening to superannuated disco divas ... and divos, as it were ... on the kick-off show on American Idol. It makes me nostalgic for the sweet years of my youth when I spent countless hours dancing. I like to point out ... damn it, it's the truth ... I was an exceptional disco dancer in the gay male style. I am riveted with nostalgia.

So let me bring you down ... I compare that to the fate of our brothers right now in Baghdad. Do not click on this link if you have a weak stomach. It is horrible. Our brothers are being horribly slaughtered, and no one cares. Imagine if this were happening to Christians in Baghdad. It is still a fact that killing fags is not nearly as contemptible as killing dogs. Witness the difference between the Michael Vick story and the slaughter of the innocents on our watch in Iraq right now.

Being a gay man means both remembering disco life and remembering how religious bigotry kills. Don't trust the bastards, brothers and sisters. They kill whenever they get the chance. We have two millennia of history to prove that.

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