Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fight the H8 Demo

Photograph of San Francisco City Hall with sign that says Yes, I Do, with a pink triangleJust some quick notes because I am sun-fried and tuckered out. But it was a moving demonstration today in front of San Francisco City Hall. I figure about 10,000. The speeches went too long, and I missed some of the early ones. Amos Brown, local preacher of renown, gave a stirring speech notwithstanding that he confessed that his church will not sanctify gay marriages. But that "inclusiveness:" was evidently a part of the day. It was a wildly mixed crowd of gays and straights. There was anger and there was determination. There was a palpable sense that we have crossed a Rubicon of sorts.

America is a different place today than it was a few weeks ago. I can't predict where it goes. But the country is on notice that we want in, and the old excuses are just bull crap ... and everybody knows it including the bigots.

I have a hundred or so pix here

photograph of demonstrator with sign that says No on Prop 8, Unfair and Wrong

Photos by Arod.

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