Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blogging Winchester: Sounds

The birds chirping and singing in their countless thousands at dusk as I walked to my brother's place. The train horns in the distance. In the morning, a gathering din of Canadian Geese presages a flyover in millennial proportions; they are the B-52s of the avian world.

The tiny clip clop of little Hershey on the laminate floor. She demands to be put on her pillow in the window to gather the morning's rays.

Photo by Mother, the first on her new digital camera, of the blogger and the little dog Hershey.

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Julia Milovat said...

It's not just Hershey that makes this post so sweet. The photo is very emotional with the diagonal slated light casting shadows and bring an element of mystery to the image, and it's your mother photographing her son!
I wish you well.