Sunday, October 14, 2007


Can't sleep. Woke up bolt awake at 4:30 and eventually gave up trying.

Weird that I wrote the 100-post post and then somehow did not write for 10 days. Don't really know why. Let's call it a hiatus.

I had periodontic surgery on Thursday ... the first stage of three implants to replace molars (3, 13, and 30, just to be transparent) that abandoned me over the years. My friend IM says that we are privileged to live in a period in between the invention of modern dentistry and the complete collapse of the ecosystem. True. That said, I've been vaguely nauseous ever since. I think it might be the potent antibiotic they gave me ... Clindamycin ... gawd nose. I took a Vicodin the first night after the surgery and had violent dreams all night, tossing and turning. I think Vicodin is not for me. My mouth still hurts a little too, notwithstanding all the Ibuprofen. But, still, I am ecstatic to be down this road ... three more months and there will be crowns on the posts, and I will have only the allotted seven holes in my head.

Meanwhile, my alma mater, Cal, blew a shot at being the number one college football team in the last play of the game when the first-time starting quarterback ran instead of passing, and the clock expired. No miracle tying last play field goal. No number one. Why?

Why, indeed. Why do I watch sports when it has this ability to drag you through a ringer as soon as you care. And I don't even care about football. Watched most of an old-fashioned shootout Saturday night between San Jose State and the impossibly hunky Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan. He was once a bad boy ... got drunk and invaded some girl's dorm room. In some quarters that means he can never be forgiven ... forgiving is so yesterday in American society, both right and left. I didn't care who won, so the game was fun. Watching Cal lose was agonizing. Maybe that's why I can't sleep ... and, if so, that is twisted, man.

"MRU", where I work, managed to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory, although I did not watch the game. This, the week after they knocked off number one themselves. I suppose that tells any alert reader exactly what MRU is.

I'm leaving for Vancouver on Friday for 6 days ... looking forward to my first shot at blogging travel. That should make up for today's little woes, notwithstanding that my great old friend Dodge will be out of town when I am there. O, woe, the travails we have to put up with in this era between dentistry and disaster.

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