Friday, September 21, 2007

It's all academic, now

So here's the scenario. Kevin Frandsen at third, one out, pitcher at the plate hits a hard grounder right down the first base line that is handled by the first baseman. Pitcher out, Frandsen does not move. There is a discussion of whether or not he should have gone on contact.

Next batter, wild pitch, Frandsen trots home, and Kruk says "It's all academic." Curious phraseology. Academic here means "not worth arguing about" or "if you do want to argue about this, you're wasting your time since the run scored anyway." Sort of an insult to those of us who think that there is nothing hman about which we cannot construct an argument ... whether an argument of one or the clash of multiple arguments.

Is the future of Barry Bonds with Giants now "academic" given that they have decided not to sign him again ... I think so. But the academic here is not that it does not need to be discussed, but rather that the discussion is now entirely after the fact, attempting to re-construct the situation, assess it, give it shape and history and perspective.

I'm glad that Bonds will be gone. I think we should focus on pitching, and that seems to be the way we are going. That said, I am loyal to him, and I think he should be honored, and Giants' fans have been uniquely fortunate to watch his progress, lo these many years. He made us what we are, good or bad. When Magowan signed him, he transformed the franchise.

Happy Trails, Barry baby. Nothing academic implied.

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